The higher you’ll fly

“They must like you”-when this becomes your aim,
You open those wide yet shrinking gates of prison,
The prison that you unconsciously build yourself,
The prison, that slowly crushes your life.

Give them every proof you got,
Give them every inch of your kindness,
Oh! Do they still find a way,
To convince the diamond, that it can’t shine?

Don’t believe all of them,
Don’t believe all those lies.
The more you’ll be resilient,
The higher you’ll fly.

They didn’t break you, my dear,
They never will.
Inadvertently bringing,
More pride to your life.

It’s not the conclusion,
It’s not the end,
Just a lesson to be learned,
Don’t let anyone destroy you,
Except your own success.

(Dedicated to anyone who has spent endless nights crying about what others think about them. How you think of yourself is more significant than how others see you. )

The most significant relationship

No, it’s not with your boyfriend, with your friends, not even with your mom. The relationship I’m talking about is with yourself. Because if it is woeful, none of the above can even exist peacefully.

The people who say “I’m sorry, it wasn’t you, it was me” are the most sorted ones.

These people are going to make a lot better progress and a more healthy relationship with whoever they next engage with, than anyone who blame others for not fulfilling their expectations .Ever wondered why the person you loved the most, wanted to spend your entire life with, was somehow separated or the relationship was broken without even trying? I accept the simple fact that there are people who can hurt or broke you. Yes, people who completely destroy you with not even a single mistake of your own exists. But let’s talk about the considerable majority. A relationship demands co operation. And it’ll not come with you focusing on everyone else but you.

How to improve that relationship with yourself? Just begin by correcting your faults:

1. Realize. Look for every shortcoming in you that’s hurting others and eventually hurting you.

2. Now don’t spend hours in self criticism. Accept it. Accept that you’re a human. You’re fallible. You have the power to change it.

3. Change it. Now that you know, change it. Don’t regret everything that shortcoming has caused. It’s not going to bring you any peace, my dear. Search for ways it can be eliminated or replaced by some desired quality.

Make peace with you and yourself, and not just relationships, your mental health, your vision, your thoughts will eventually change for the better.

Your relationship with yourself sets the tone for every other relationship you have.”

Lastly, let’s not loathe someone for having a boorish behavior. Everyone here is fighting their own battle. There’s a reason why everyone behave in a manner. And guys, it’s not always bad upbringing ,maybe he/she have been hurt in ways you can’t even imagine?

Love everyone, and begin with yourself.